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Bourbon and Bloodshed

Jun 14, 2020

Laci Peterson was living the classic middle class American dream. She’d married her college sweetheart, Scott Peterson. She and Scott opened a bar and sold it after college, then moved back to Modesto, Ca where Laci was from to begin a family. Laci worked as a part-time substitute teacher while her husband worked full time for a fertilizer company. In December of 2002, life seemed even more perfect for the young couple as Laci was eight months pregnant with the couple’s son Conner. Her idyllic life was soon to take a turn; however, as the last anyone saw Laci was December 23, 2002 when the couple went to visit her half-sister, Amy for Scott’s monthly haircut. Her husband Scott would report her missing later that night and her body, along with the body of Conner, and the family dog wouldn’t be found until mid-April of the following year. The investigation and the trial that followed after captured a nation, and was nothing short of harrowing with each new revelation uncovered.