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Bourbon and Bloodshed

Aug 8, 2020

We’re covering the disappearance of the Jamison family. On October 8 of 2009, the family disappeared after visiting a 40 acre plot of land in the Panola mountains for the second time in as many days. But, no one immediately knew Bobby, Sherilynn, or their young daughter Maddyson were missing. Due to their tendency to make spur of the moment travel decisions and the secluded area where the property sat, police wouldn’t be notified until 8 days later when their truck was found, abandoned, with their small dog locked inside. After multiple days spent searching and calling in all possible backup, they finally accepted that they wouldn’t find the family. Theories ran the gamut from murder/suicide, to cult activities, to drugs, to organized crime, but even with the discovery of the family’s remains in 2013, we’re left with more questions than answers.